About Bake with LiLi and Dex

We love baking!

My children are my daily inspiration. As a single, working mum and cookery teacher my main passion is food.

Eliza (LiLi) 4 and Dexter (Dex) 2 keep me on my toes everyday. They are fabulous, curious and active kids who never want to sit still. They also cause absolute carnage in my kitchen!

LiLi and Dex

Sometimes I am fortunate enough to be able to take them to my classroom during the school holidays but generally I'm just a normal mum trying to juggle it all. This includes trying to hide healthy products within their food and getting them involved in the cooking and baking processes to develop, like me, a love and passion for food.

Baking with my children allows me to create, experiment and spend quality time with them. Admittedly, finding the time to weigh and measure out ingredients is hard, messy and stressful at times when you have little hands keen to get involved, especially as they want everything in record time!

That's why I started Bake with LiLi and Dex; to help people like me to have fun in the kitchen with their kids and to discover the joy of baking.

Our philosophy

Excellent quality, ready prepared ingredients with instructions will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Whether it's cooking with your own children or buying a personalised gift for someone else, I hope the gifts inspire everyone to get into their kitchens, to experiment with new ideas, and get creative.

I want children to learn the concepts behind what they do as well as learn to have fun with food. The teacher in me is always there - whether it's the rubbing in method, melting or all-in-one method, learning about fair trade, planting seeds, or making bunting - learning should always be fun.

I hope you enjoy our products and our website. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news!

Sarah and LiLi